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We provide you with a bespoke, innovative education, training & wellbeing consultancy service, leading the way in the development of your staff CPD training, educational & leadership consultancy, skills improvement workshops and educational resources.

Our aim is to motivate and inspire all your staff and students in their education, training & employment environments, to achieve outstanding results through engaged learning.

All our consultant colleagues are experienced educationalists who have worked in senior leadership positions, and many of whom are current teachers/assessors.

We have found that this 'current' experience has a profound effect on the delivery of our services to you & your colleagues. Our consultants will not only deliver outstanding training and support to you & your teams, but also impart their extensive experience gained over many successful years working in a variety of education and training settings.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative education and skills improvement company, leading the way in Training, Consultancy & Wellbeing, providing a holistic partnership service to you and your organisation, listening to your feedback & continually improving our services for you.


By applying our education & skills research knowledge to the business world, we help ambitious organisations like yours achieve operational and strategic goals through a range of consultancy and advisory services. Our research covers a broad spectrum of business, economics, management and policy issues and combines academic rigour with practical relevance. Working collaboratively with you and professional bodies we develop innovative business solutions to enable and sustain your organisations' economic growth.

Our forward thinking, innovative approach to teaching, learning, leadership & wellbeing can be embedded in all areas of your organisation as well as your personal and professional lives.

Services We Offer: