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How are you planning to settle back into the workplace?

How are you planning to settle back into the workplace?

As we come to the end of the first week of our phased work return to something resembling a new normal it’s worth reflecting on how we’re going to rebuild the economy and minimize any adverse effects on our jobs from the shut-down of our whole.

So far there’s quite rightly been an emphasis on the potential final cost incurred through various rescue and subsidy schemes and we will need to plug the financial gap at some point, but what about the impact on our people?

A significant number of people have been furloughed, a first for us all, and some people have simply lost their jobs, but we can’t press the reset button and get the economy moving without people.

Anyone who’s been out of their place of work for the past two months, either working from home, furloughed or unemployed, will need a period of adjustment as well as a new understanding how to work in an environment of social distancing.

We’ll also be introducing new colleagues who have been laid off from one job and may be starting a new job and/or entering a new sector.

How do we now get stuck in to rebuilding our economy, and how do we do it whilst managing peoples concerns, worries & skills needs?

We may get back to work with the feeling of having had an extended break and expect to pick up from where we left off, but that’s unlikely to be sustainable in this new world of work.

Spend some time supporting each other back into the workplace.

Deliver a structured induction for all colleagues covering new working practices and importantly, spend time really listening to people’s concerns and ideas, not forgetting that innovation will play a big part in our success going forward.

The time you spend up front making sure everyone is clear, confident, and motivated in their role going forward will help you minimize any disruptive wobbles as we all inevitably find a new level in our workplaces.

Good Luck