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Apprenticeship Training During the Coronavirus Crisis

Apprenticeship Training During the Coronavirus Crisis

At Springfield Training our online training delivery is already an effective way for your teams to learn the knowledge and skills they need for their apprenticeship qualification.

During the Coronavirus crisis & the social distancing requirements recommended by government online training and remote support from our teachers has never been so relevant.

It means employees can continue training, maintaining their progress, and completing their apprenticeship programmes as planned.

Continuing with training during furlough or other absences from the workplace will provide continuity & help maintain employees’ wellbeing by providing a focus during their time away from work.

It also helps prepare your teams to be ready for the economic recovery when it begins.

Furlough does not stop apprenticeships training delivery

If an employee is furloughed, then the government is encouraging apprenticeship training to continue.

In fact, training, and development, offered through our online apprenticeships and remote support, is a great way to maintain motivation and continue developing skills until the employee returns to work.

Working from home or self-isolating

If an employee is working from home or self-isolating, then our online learning provides the opportunity to continue training, professional development, and apprenticeship programmes during this difficult time.

Start a new programme

Enrolment for apprenticeships hasn’t stopped. We can enrol your employees onto an apprenticeship programme at any time.

Apprenticeships Online with Springfield Training

We’re delivering apprenticeships using a wide range of technology to suit each person and this can include:

• Live & recorded webinars for groups & individuals, which, if live give employees the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the trainer.

• E-Learning modules which are popular because they can be undertaken at a time to suit you, are available for all programmes

• 1-2-1 remote delivery and support to employees on all programmes through video calls. For example, we use Zoom, but we can also Facetime.

• English and Maths functional skills development online with 1-2-1 support

• Telephone support

• Email Support

For more information or a chat about what we can do to help you, please give us a call on 01113 440 1475