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Ho Ho Hope this is over soon

Ho Ho Hope this is over soon

I may not be the most festive person you’ve ever met but my grinch (nes) may have some merit this year.

Im not a miserable person or a killjoy, honestly, I’m just not into organised, commercialised gatherings. Although I did partake in Christmas (ness) when our children were younger, & I donned a Christmas jumper for a full day at work last week. Go me!

Like many people I’ve found it difficult staying away from family & friends during the lockdowns and subsequent restrictions & it’s not until you can’t see people that you fully appreciate the importance they have in your life.

But that’s why staying away from those you love is so crucial.

If they’re important to you, why would you risk the possibility of spreading a virus that could make them ill, or worse?

Christmas more than any other time of the year is when work phones stop ringing, unless you work in a key sector, and the temptation to spend time with family & friends is palpable.

This isn’t a time to judge or sneer at others. If people choose to meet, within the confines of law & government guidelines, then so be it, but I really do ho ho hope this period passes without significant consequence.

We all have different experiences from the pandemic of 2020 but worldwide we’re all united in mourning the losses we’ve witnessed & celebrating the amazing work in finding a vaccine through collaboration.

We may live on a vast planet, but we’re a small community when it matters!

It’s clear that our fight against COVID 19 will continue into 2021 & we still have some way to go but I’m looking forward to a break from work to recharge my batteries, watch some cheesy T.V. & prepare for the New Year with renewed hope & the will to keep fighting.

I hope you have a great Christmas break & I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year