Coronavirus Crisis. Hands up if you’re scared!

Coronavirus Crisis. Hands up if you’re scared!

Hands up if you’re scared!

My worst experience this week was witnessing an elderly couple with walking frames stopping people in a shopping centre car park to ask if they knew of any shops that might have toilet roll.

No need to check your calendar, it really is still the 21st century!

For the majority of us, this unprecedented period of emergency measures to tackle the coronavirus outbreak is something that we’ve never experienced, and it’s scary.

I have visited the supermarket daily over the past week and still haven’t managed to get any basic supplies. Milk, bread, toilet paper, and although I fully understand that people are worried and stockpiling, this in turn forces people to worry and stockpile.

But, trampling people for toilet paper. Really?

We’re witnessing the worst of humanity, but conversely, we’re seeing the best of humanity as well.

Let’s face it, we’re scared of the unknown, we worry about losing what we’ve become accustomed to, and we don’t want to lose it, do without, suffer.

I don’t know about you, but I still have fuel in my car, I haven’t gone hungry and when I turned the shower on this morning water still came out.

I am worried about tomorrow because it feels like I’m as likely to catch this panic frenzy as I am the virus if I don’t check myself.

We’re being asked to step up, be responsible, take precautions, avoid overreactions and care for the vulnerable.

We’ve received our call to arms in this fight against this hitherto invisible enemy, and we’re seeing lots of examples of scared, worried people still stepping up to help reduce the spread of infection and help those in need.

So, what about tomorrow? Because there’ll definitely be a tomorrow!

Do you want to feel the guilt of physically fighting a fellow human being for a pack of toilet roll having retrospectively learned that the warehouse was full of it, or would you rather know that you helped re-stock the shelves?

Our children’s education is being disrupted, but it doesn’t need to suffer. Industry and commerce are faltering, but they will continue.

We are a wealthy, fortunate nation with the resource to beat this virus and emerge stronger, but don’t let fear and greed govern your actions.

Be better, work smarter and please don’t trample on anyone.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow