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Apprenticeships Really Are Good for Business

Apprenticeships Really Are Good for Business

Although my apprenticeship was, well, a few years ago I still consider myself to be an apprentice as I am always learning, particularly from those I spend the most time around.

Throughout my career I have & continue to learn new stuff & I don’t plan to reach a point when my learning stops.

Much of our learning is experiential & competence based & we learn by doing things repeatedly until we can do it effectively & efficiently.

We also learn instinctively, especially as a child trying things for the first time.

When learning to ride a bike we aim to stay upright because it often hurts when we fall off, and before we learn to talk, we learn how to let others know that we’re hungry, tired or perhaps a little uncomfortable in our smelliness!

Learning is an integral part of our lives even before, and after our introduction to compulsory education.

As we become more confident, we become more curious & we expand our range of experience which in turn increases our knowledge, confidence, competence, and experience.

I have never met anyone who isn’t excited by the enthusiasm displayed by the person introducing them to something new and I’ve seen the impact this can have on people’s enthusiasm for learning.

Let’s be clear, you cannot turn off your instinct for learning, but you can choose to ignore it.

If we learn how to play football and go on to score a goal, that feeling of accomplishment is euphoric, and palpable. That same feeling exists when we gain new knowledge or skills.

Understanding the application of a maths problem, passing that exam you were nervous about, learning to weld, or making sense of a computer programme. These are all accomplishments that make us feel good.

Academic and vocational education are both essential in our society and must be acknowledged as having parity of benefit, recognising that knowledge and skill go hand in glove with experience, but we must do more to ensure that we capitalise on the enthusiasm displayed by those learning, avoiding, whenever possible, that time when some people choose to ignore their instinct for learning.

We have the foundations of an outstanding ‘all age’ education and training structure, but each stage often operates in isolation with little consideration for a joined-up approach.

As I think about all the stuff I’ve learned and experienced, it inspires and excites me to learn and experience more, and as an educator, I want to share that enthusiasm with others.

Apprenticeships are a great way to introduce new skills & knowledge into your workplace, challenging the status quo & targeting improvements to products & processes.

They also provide national recognition of each candidates’ achievement upon successful completion.

Apprenticeships really are good for your business & there’s never been a better time to increase your teams’ knowledge & skills.

If you’d like to have a chat about your teams training needs, please give me a call.

I hope you have a great week