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Dom’s top tips for working from home

Dom’s top tips for working from home

It was becoming clear that many companies would be forced to work from home as part of a UK lockdown to overcome the coronavirus.

Because the coronavirus seems to be spreading rapidly, everyone has been advised to work from home, if possible, to avoid large groups & the commutes to and from work.

Knowing that you don’t have to worry about getting up early, missing buses and getting stuck in traffic is just a few of the perks.

No matter what position you hold at the business, you may find it difficult to adjust and find that work life balance.

I’ve put together some tips which will help you whether you’re an employer or employee to keep on top of your work while being at home.

Tips for Employers:

Hold Morning Calls – You should set up a group call every morning or at least once a week to go through either what everyone is doing during the week and or every morning to see everyone’s plans for the day. We’re doing this using Zoom Meetings.

Set up a group chat with your mobile phone – If you desperately need to get in contact with someone then WhatsApp is a good messenger service to use to set up a group chat with all colleagues in.

Check on how your team are doing personally – Obviously you will be checking that work is being done every day, but checking on them personally is just as vital as it can be pretty lonely when you’re used to working in a busy organization with people around you and you’re now expected to work from home. When you’re in the office you take a 5-minute break to make a brew and talk about life outside of work and this shouldn’t change just because you are not there! This can help your employees stay connected to each other, and you.

Give Feedback – When your team are working away from home you may feel like they aren’t putting as much effort into their work as they would if they were in the office. If you do start to notice this, you can easily provide them with feedback and tips on how they can improve what they are doing on a day to day. Then once you start to see improvement you can give them praise and this will make them feel good about what they are doing.

Tips for Employees:

Have a Morning Routine:

Giving yourself extra time in bed can be a dangerous thing when working from home. Oversleeping and becoming less motivated is a danger for everyone as you feel like you don’t have to get up and look presentable or catch a bus, you’re just getting up to work. So, what can you do to start your day off right?

Set an alarm – Treat your working days like you normally would, set an alarm and give yourself time to wake up and be fresh for the day ahead.

Get up and get ready for the day – You may not have to move very far to actually start work but staying in your pajamas all day can be more of a hindrance. Staying in your comfy clothes can demotivate you and cause you to not work to your full potential. Even if you just put some jeans and a T-Shirt on then you will start the day better.

Do some exercise – If you enjoy doing exercise anyway then why not start your day with some? Whether this is going for a walk or run, doing a home workout or taking your pet for a walk. This can help wake you up and get ready for the working day ahead.

Have a designated Workspace:

Everyone has a designated workspace in the office, but it can be difficult to find / create a workspace when you must work from home. Here are some tips about creating the right environment to work in at home.

Stay away from the bed and the sofa – These two places are relaxation areas and should be avoided at all costs when you are doing work. There can be many distractions in your bedroom such as the TV and your games consoles.

Keep your space tidy – You should keep your workspace tidy, this helps keep your mind free and you’re not distracted thinking that you have to tidy it up. Having a tidy workspace can also make everything easier to find when you need it, for example pens, post it notes etc.

No Distractions – You may be lucky enough to have a workspace away from the bedroom but there can still be many distractions during this lockdown period. Especially with other house members being at home. Anything that doesn’t relate to your work you need to get out the way.

Have a routine:

Everyone has a daily routine when they work in an office so there’s no excuse for not having one when you’re working from home. If you are currently doing an apprenticeship, make sure you aren’t falling behind on your work and create time to do some of this work every day. Currently as we are working from home, we are using our calendars to set up our daily and weekly plans so that we know what we have to do. You should adapt the same tactic as to stay on top of things you need a plan.

Take a Break:

Lunchtime is the time that everyone looks forward to in their working day, this is where you get out of the office for a bit or just out of the office mindset when you are at home. You should be the same when working from home, make sure you take your lunch break to clear your thoughts and forget about work for a short period.

Stay off your phone:

Social Media can be a distraction for anyone these days and it is very easy to get caught up in group conversations and what is trending on social media. You should put your phone aside during work hours.

Finish at the same time every day:

Every day you work from home you should have a clear finishing time. You have a finishing time in the office every day and you should continue this when working from home. This helps you create that work / life balance.

Be ready for the next day:

You may have done all your work for today but before you shut down your laptop and start getting relaxed, you should create your plan for the next day. Either write down what tasks you want to get on with or update your calendar with your plan for the day.

I hope this helps but please share your tips for working from home in the comments below