Why Apprenticeships Are Good for Your Business

Why Apprenticeships Are Good for Your Business

Taking on Apprentices is a really good way of creating talented individuals within your business and at the same time you can develop existing staff skills whilst introducing new, young talent into your company.

Apprenticeships now cover more than 170 industries and 1500 job roles throughout the UK. Whatever the focus of your business is there will always be an Apprentice to suit your business. You can also look to offer a Higher Apprenticeship which trains your Apprentice to degree level.

Apprenticeship Funding:

If you’re an employer with a wage bill over £3 million, each year you will pay the apprenticeship levy, which has been set at 0.5% of the company’s wage bill. You will achieve lower costs for training as it is more cost effective to hire an apprentice. You also have direct control of what your funding is spent on. Although if you are not a levy payer then you receive a 95% government contribution towards your apprentices training.


Hiring an Apprentice can help you tackle the skill shortages that you may have within your business. Apprentices can be tied to a specific job role which will then make them flexible to the needs of you and your business. Apprentices can also help fill the skill gaps by developing the skills that you require as a business.


We offer on the job training which means we would come and visit every month to see how an Apprentice is getting on and to set them some work to do towards their qualification. Apprentices will be trained within the context of your business, meaning they will contribute to your businesses productivity while developing their own skills.

Boost Retention:

If a company invests in an Apprentice they will stay loyal to the company. Some employers may worry that other companies will want to hire their apprentices after they’ve made investments in their training. Employers have realised that apprenticeships actually increases workers loyalty. A significant number of companies with apprentices within their business report that apprenticeships actually raise productivity and morale across the whole work force.

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