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Date posted: 14/01/2016

Five benefits of apprenticeships

Five benefits of apprenticeships

With apprenticeships being proven to increase productivity, provide skilled workers for the future and lower staff turnover, it should come as no surprise that businesses throughout Yorkshire and the UK are embracing them.

While the success of such programmes largely depends on good recruitment and training, today we are outlining some of their key benefits if both of these are carried out effectively:

1) Productivity booster

According to recent statistics, almost 80% of those who employ apprentices say that they have made their workplace more productive.

2) Develops in-house learners

Organisations that place ‘talent’ as one of their key priorities often excel. If given the right direction and assistance, trainees have the ability to grow with your company and assert themselves as a real asset moving forwards.

3) Lessens staff turnover

In addition to helping people to build a long, fruitful career, apprenticeships are also financially advantageous: four in five firms say that they have reduced their staff turnover rates as a result of taking them on.

4) Offers new ideas

Idea generation is an important part of almost every business. As apprentices typically bring inspiration, enthusiasm and a different perspective to the role, they can drive improvements to the way that you and your team work.

5) Provides flexibility

Employers benefit from having control over the content of apprenticeships and more flexibility in the training. This means that – alongside facilitating personal development – you can tailor the programme to reflect the needs of your company.

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