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Date posted: 13/06/2012

50% Discount on Course Price!

Supervisors, Managers & Small Business Owners ... This course will really help you do what you do, only better.

The Institute of Leadership & Management Award in Effective Management doesn't just give you a National Management Qualification but also the skills you need to add real value to your business, organisation & you personally

The Institute of Leadership & Management Award in Effective Management is a National Qualification for Supervisors, Managers & Small Business Owners which develops knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the realities and practicalities of the management role and brings real benefits to the individual and their business or organisation

The course is ideal for practicing Supervisors, Managers and Small Business Owners who are either new to the role or who are experienced but have not had the benefit of a structured programme of management training

Key Benefits to you and your business

  • Develop key leadership and management skills & techniques to enhance you and your business or organisation
  • Gain an increased understanding of your responsibilities, level of accountability and your personal value
  • Gain skills in building effective working relationships which promote knowledge, understanding and teamwork
  • Increase your skills of problem solving, learn new decision making techniques and how to manage improvement projects
  • Improve your interpersonal & communication skills
  • Learn how to make powerful presentations
  • Become a skilled 'delegator'

Course Content

  • Organising & Delegating
  • Solving Problems & Making Decisions
  • Analysing Problems & Their Causes
  • Generating Options & Alternatives
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Providing Quality to Customers
  • Managing Projects
  • Implementing Change
  • Understanding & Improving the Communication Process
  • Giving Briefings and Making Presentations
  • Leadership & Building an Effective Team


11 Week Programme (11 Sessions of 3 hours per week ... Wednesday mornings between 9.00am & 12.00 noon)

50% Discount Price of £412.50 plus VAT (Published Course Fee is £825 plus VAT)

To reserve a delegate place on our next course please contact us or call Nick on 07973 962 924