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Being aware of, & protecting ourselves from work related violence & aggression cannot be underestimated, and the feedback from our latest course shows how positively this training is received.

"scenarios very interesting & informative"

"Brilliant trainer, friendly, knowledgeable"

"Liked the debrief idea"

"Body language skills, as it refreshed things that you don't think about but are very important"

"Great Course"

"Made me more aware of my actions and reactions" 

We caught up with Velka when she called in to see us. Here's what she had to say:

What do you think of your course so far?

I love it. All the information Dani provides me for the lessons we do are presented in a simple way and are very easy to understand. English isn’t my first language and I have only been speaking it for 3 years. When I first came to Britain 3 years ago I couldn’t speak a word on English. Dani made sure that the work she gave me was presented in a simple way that was easy for me to understand.

Because of this the lessons were easy to follow, which increased my confidence and motivation to progress further. Dani was always very patient and explained this as many times as I needed without ever becoming frustrated.

Can you tell us how this course has benefitted you in your job?

A lot! Thanks to my Diploma, and Dani I am acting in a senior position in my workplace and constantly gaining confidence, both at work and personally.

What would you like to do next?

Once my Level 2 is complete I would like to begin my Level 3 as soon as possible. After that I definitely want to progress to my level 4 and 5. I love my job role and would like to get promoted to senior. I am very ambitious.

Would you recommend Springfield training to other people?

Definitely. I always recommend Dani and Springfield training to any new staff or staff that want to progress their education and job role.

Thank you to the company and Dani, everyone is understanding and patient. Its just brilliant.

Sometimes as a foreign national you can feel discriminated against for not understanding something the first time or for writing something wrong, but Dani is always patient and will always explain things in a way I understand, she is very gentle in the way she speaks.

Every time I come to your office it is very calm, there is no pressure or stress. All the staff here are friendly and welcoming, I’m so glad I got to meet you all.

I have done my English exams here at your office and because the office is calm and relaxed it calmed the exam process. I felt no stress or pressure. Dani was there to reassure me and made the exam feel easier. I passed, and I am very motivated to take my maths exam. I feel very confident.

Velka is a Health care worker working at Ark Specialist HealthCare. She has almost completed her Level 2 Health and social care Apprenticeship and is preparing to progress to level 3.

Noel worked with us to provide a detailed overview for the ISO9001 standards, with extensive knowledge, giving suggestions for how our organisation could evidence how existing quality and improvement processes reflected the ISO9001 standards.

Noel's knowledge of the ISO9001 requirements was outstanding and he could answer any concerns I had to support our organisation to progress with accreditation, and the development of any processes required by us to achieve the successful outcome on the day of the ISO9001 assessment.

Thank you, Noel!

Julie Hollingsworth,

Senior Quality Improvement Manager. PTS Ltd.


I’m just taking this opportunity to say thank you very much for picking up our Health and Social Care training needs for our staff.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your professionalism and efficiency in picking up where the last company had left off.

May I also take this opportunity to say how impressed we are with the level of communication and efficiency of your staff.

Kind regards

Jo Thackeray

Registered Manager

360HC Ltd


Feedback on Strategic & Operational Business Consultancy & Leadership Training

After only working with Noel for a short period it was soon clear that the advice and experience he provided was second to none.
Noel has a very clear way of explaining things to all audiences which has been a great help within our business. He is able to communicate with departments and come up with sound suggestions to improve systems and target areas within the business that need further development. Within just a couple of months I noticed a vast improvement in the work place and we are well on our journey to further success thanks to Noels guidance.

I would not hesitate in recommending Noels services to others and I am looking forward to working with him again in due course.

Richard Belton

Managing Director


Feedback on the online Emergency First Aid Course.

Overall I thought it was excellent and very professional. The speaker was clear, easy to listen to and the clips were short enough to cover the topic/unit but also punchy and to the point. Very clear instructions and overall an enjoyable experience.

Thanks again, Dave.

Dave Willoughby

Director of Training

North Humberside Motor Trades GTA

I am writing this recommendation from a couple of viewpoints, Noel is a very knowledgeable man, especially when it comes to business and leadership, I am very fortunate to have benefited from Noel's expertise in business strategy and organisation, this has helped me no end in my own business, I also learnt a great deal about team building and generally how to interact with staff and colleagues.

Knowing Noel as a business professional and educator I was then rather surprised to learn that Noel was also a hypnotherapy practitioner, wow, this was an absolute game changer for me.
I consider myself to be highly motivational and a good coach within my field of work, I approached the idea of hypnotherapy with Noel to help me with a sports performance issue, I believed I was suffering with a concentration/focus issue that was holding me back, and my confidence was slipping.
My consultation with Noel was eye opening, we talked and he advised me on a different path to just focus on the confidence side of things and not the performance.
Noel was able, due to his experience and knowledge of his art to get me comfortable to open up and be aware of how I live in my comfort zone and how it was my confidence that was holding me back.. nothing else.
The hypnotherapy sessions were fantastic and I was able to experience a level of relaxation that I haven't felt before, and the effect on my confidence has been significant, significant enough that my sports performance issue is constantly improving.

Words aren't enough to represent my gratitude; I will definitely be seeing Noel again for repeat treatments as I know it will only make me stronger.

Joe Gledhill

Owner of Joe G's Fitness Centre

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