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Education Demystified

Education Demystified

Have you ever wondered why so many people drop out of education choosing instead to make their own way in whatever way they can?

Each one of us is born to make an impact. On ourselves, our families, our communities & ultimately, the planet we share, & this impact will either be positive, or negative depending on our outlook.

Our surroundings & the people we surround ourselves with make an impression on us, but these impressions need not be a permanent marker on our lives going forward.

The experience of discovery & learning is exciting & we all get that buzz from a lightbulb moment, but what if we just don’t get it? What if every lesson relates to everyone else but you?

Education should never be a one fit approach & those facilitating education &/or training must understand the needs of their audience, but we know that this isn’t always the case. Even for teachers, stuff gets in the way & people fall through the net, so how do we stop this from happening?

Firstly, we need as individuals to recognise the importance of learning & the impact it has on us. Then we need to accept that we have a responsibility to make sure that we’re not overlooked in generic delivery.

Easier said then done? Absolutely, but by recognising that education is a partnership between those that give & those that receive we can start to break down the barriers that so many people face.

Gone are the days of blindly accepting a chalk ‘n’ talk experience of education, in most cases, but we still walk away from a poor educational experience instead of confronting the underlying cause of this experience.

Vocational & applied learning are a great way to embed the academic staples giving context to those subjects like Math, English & Science that can leave us feeling cold if delivered in a traditional way that doesn’t involve an experiential ingredient that brings a subject to life.

We cannot afford to waste a moment of educational opportunity for anyone, facilitating learning that meets the needs of the whole audience instead of a select group, but we also need to recognise that those receiving education also have a responsibility to hold the deliverer to account with the deliverer being open to adapting their delivery if as needed.

We’re now experiencing the opportunity to have multiple career opportunities during our working life & with this comes the opportunity to have multiple learning opportunities so a false start during our first stage of education no longer prevents us from achieving later, but only if the educational offer is both relevant & engaging.

We have multiple, cyclical opportunities to step on & off the education roundabout during our careers & making the most of these opportunities, if relevant & engaging in turn give us the opportunity to make a positive impact on ourselves, our families, our communities & ultimately, the planet, & that is clearly worth of collective effort, helping demystify education opportunities for those of us who chose to drop out & for those wishing to make a change.

I hope you have a great week.