Apprentice Achievements

I am thoroughly enjoying the course content. It certainly makes me reflect on my practice.

Catherine Hirst - Children, Young People and Families Practitioner

I am really enjoying it. I have already gained knowledge that helps me in my role as a career.

Karin Eriksson - Adult Care Worker

My teacher Leigh is really supportive and I am happy with how my apprenticeship is going. I feel like I can talk to Leigh if I have any issues with my apprenticeship, but overall I am enjoying my course!

Phoebe Gibson - Children, Young People and Families Manager

I think Tom is very friendly and approachable. He has made the teaching sessions easy to understand without making me feel stupid because he breaks things down, which makes it all easier to understand.

Amanda Bowels - Operations/Departmental Manager

I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to complete this apprenticeship.

Julie Strike - Adult Care Worker

I am happy to have Andy as my teacher, as he is patient and helpful.

Rebecca Norton - Supply Chain Warehouse Operative

Sarah is a brilliant teacher.

Christopher Mackie - Food and Drink Process Operator

I have a great teacher and the apprenticeship has really helped me understand more about my job.

Stephen Jackson - Supply Chain Warehouse Operative

My teacher Sarah is lovely very helpful. I am looking forward to learning more with her.

Tanya Ashcroft - Food and Drink Process Operator

It's a very well put together course and the teaching is valuable and supportive.

Malcolm Barnes - Children, Young People and Families Practitioner

I am enjoying my apprenticeship; my teacher is very supportive.

Katie Hackett - Operations/Departmental Manager

Andy is a great teacher and I’m enjoying my course.

Bethany Johnson - Team Leader

Springfield Training have taken on my needs and are adapting to them.

Tyler Robinson - Adult Care Worker

I have really enjoyed my course so far; I have learnt new techniques and skills which I can use in my role as a Team Leader

Vicky Finnan - Team Leader

I am enjoying learning new things and learning more. I am really happy with the way everything is going so far

Daniel Green - Team Leader

My teacher has helped me a lot, especially with my motivation. She keeps me well informed and I am enthusiastic about my apprenticeship.

Helen Croker - Lead Adult Care Worker

Tracy is kind and patient.

Sarah Ellis - Adult Care Worker

Tracy has really helped me improve on my knowledge. I am very happy that she has been my teacher.

Natasha cook - Lead Adult Care Worker

I’m really happy with how I am progressing with my apprenticeship, my teacher is really helpful with this.

Chloe Birchall - Team Leader

I would like to highly recommend Springfield training. They have now supported 4 of my staff through their diploma Level 3 in children and young people in residential setting. They were able to adapt the training style to meet the staffs leaning abilities and communication – 3 of my staff are fluent British sign language users and understanding English as a spoken/written language is a challenge for both them and the assessors. The assessor always worked to the skills of the staff to enhance and guide them. All assessors who visited the home represented themselves to be professional and polite at all times.

Lisa Crabtree - Cambian Group

I have recently taken over the training at Jaybe and I am very happy with the work I have seen Springfield put into our employees. We have quite a few learners completing different courses all with different abilities and needs, the training&help given to our employees is always tailored to fit each employee. The staff at Springfield are very approachable and helpful. We are currently finalising another training course for our employees, as a small growing business we are extremely busy. Springfield has worked with us and adapted meetings and sign ups at short notice. I would be happy to recommend Springfield training.

Bethany Taylor - Jay-Be

I am very happy with Springfield training. My tutor is very helpful and is guiding me throughout the program. My tutor makes me feel confident and that I can always ask for help without hesitation. I feel that I am doing a good progress and I am getting constructive feedback from my tutor. I would definitely recommend this training to other people that I know.

Egle - Level 3 Business Administrator

My tutor has been helpful and supportive throughout my management qualification. I have particularly enjoyed completing my selected modules.

Maisie - Level 3 Management

Springfield Training have been very helpful to me. They have been very supportive and have always made me feel comfortable when discussing work, therefore, I have no issues with the way my apprenticeship is being delivered.

Grant - Level 3 Customer Service Specialist

I am very grateful to my tutor, for all the hard work, understanding and kindness. I have developed a lot of knowledge and confidence to develop my role in health care.

Velka - Level 3 Health and Social Care

Overall I thought it was excellent and very professional. The speaker was clear, easy to listen to and the clips were short enough to cover the topic/unit but also punchy and to the point. Very clear instructions and overall an enjoyable experience. Thanks again, Dave.

Dave Willoughby - Director of Training, North Humberside Motor Trades GTA

I am now just starting another course with Springfield Training. I have found the tutors to all be friendly and very helpful when I have needed it. I know I can email any time and get a reply usually the same day. The courses can be long and hard but they are well worth doing.

Michelle - Level 3 Business Administrator

Springfield Training have been providing education and & skills training to our teams for several years. We work closely with them and have an open and honest relationship that supports our company values, ambitions and working patterns. They are currently providing training in Food Production, Administration, Team Leading and Management and we benefit from clearly defined process improvement as a direct result from the training our teams receive. Our relationship with Springfield Training is a true partnership and I am happy to recommend their services.

Louisa Whyment - H.R. Manager

Katie has been absolutely brilliant with the learners with her contact and attitude helping them progress so far and also keeping myself and Dan in the loop with what was going on………. Many thanks to Katie and Springfield Training in general for your thoroughly professional manner throughout and look forward to working with Chris on the new apprenticeships.

Keith Osman (Florette UK) - Training Manager

Thanks for this Food Safety E-Learning course. Great content and accessibility. this training is helping me to develop skills and knowledge to set up my own business venture. Done, dusted and paid for.

Jim Curran - JOY Sourdough Kitchen

"My teacher Sarah is lovely & very helpful. I'm looking forward to completing more work with her".

Tanya Ashcroft - Food & Drink Process Operator

"To say that COVID 19 hit during the time of my apprenticeship, the course has run smoothly. My teacher Andy has kept me up to date with everything I need to be able to achieve at a high standard"

Joanne Preston - Team Leader