Apprentice Achievements

The Journey so far

2020 - 2022 and beyond

2020 proved to be a challenging year as the Covid 19 virus pandemic took hold globally locking us down, restricting people's movement & shutting down businesses.

We adapted quickly to implementing the government requirements for social distancing in our offices & providing hand sanitising stations, regular lateral flow testing & face masks as required.

It was a frightening time of uncertainty as we watched the infection & death rates climb daily across the Country & wider world but as a team, we made the decision to push on adapting our teaching sessions for online & remote delivery to help maintain continuity for our apprentices.

As we reached the end of 2020, we looked forward to a return to normalcy in 2021 but a new strain of the virus took hold & again locked us down. By now we were learning to live with the restrictions, changes & guidance introduced during the first wave of the pandemic with a renewed sense of confidence as we waited patiently for our turn to be vaccinated.

We also made our delayed move to our new offices to accommodate our growing team.

This move gave us the additional room to create our library, learning pods, classrooms, meeting rooms & studio for our delayed podcast.

We were also awarded a Traineeship contract allowing us to work with young people on a pre-apprenticeship programme.

As we entered 2022, we were still faced with the ongoing pandemic but again, with increased confidence gained from being vaccinated & having received an additional booster jab. The virus is still prevalent but we're learning to live cautiously alongside it.

2022 also welcomed the development of our Engineering Laboratory utilising technology which includes augmented reality welding, CNC & PLC & laser cutting equipment to support our engineering apprenticeship programme delivery & introduce young people to engineering.

2018 - 2020

In 2018 we commissioned a rebrand and a new website at the same time we expanded our offices and classroom facilities to accommodate a growing team once again.

The new modern twist on the original brand was well received by the whole team and our customers.

2019 saw the launch of Springfield T.V. and the commissioning of our first promotional video along with the introduction of the new E-Portfolio.

During 2019 we also introduced the new Port Operative Standard to our curriculum to support the skills development requirements within the maritime sector.

We welcomed in 2020 with significant growth in our apprenticeship delivery and a planned move to large premises but this was halted by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic which saw a lockdown of the whole country, and wider world, to minimize the spread of this virus. Although a worrying time, we use this period to introduce a greater use of technology to deliver our courses. Equipped with a new E-Portfolio and the skills and confidence to deliver video-based lessons and webinars our teams have developed new and innovative ways of delivering education and training ensuring that industry skills and maintained and further developed. As we progress through 2020 settling in to the new normal, we are poised for further innovation and growth, supporting our customers through this difficult period. With an exciting future ahead of us, watch this space…


In 2017 Springfield Training had completed its second move in two years to accommodate a growing team. This also seemed like an opportunity to rebrand at the same time. Noel never really settled into the new brand but due to a continuing increase in work and the significant changes in the way apprenticeships were delivered and funded, this brand was left in place for over a year. 2017 also saw the introduction of new, food manufacturing specific apprenticeship standards, allowing us to provide very specific food manufacturing training in place of the previously generic qualifications.


In 2015, following a chance meeting, Noel purchased the Springfield training brand and goodwill from Nick and re-established the company as an education and training provider based in Leeds to be closer to the motorway networks in order to serve a wider area. Based in Morley on the outskirts of Leeds, Springfield Training started delivering apprenticeships throughout the Yorkshire region in Healthcare, Engineering, Management and Manufacturing whilst continuing to provide consultancy to local businesses.

1995 - 2017

Originally established in 1995 by Nick Bardsley, Springfield Management Training specialized in leadership and management training and consultancy. Predominantly in and around the Hull and East Riding areas of Yorkshire Springfield Management Training worked closely with Hull Training delivering a range of management and staff development courses during the late 1990's and into the 2000's which is when Nick met Noel Johnson. Nick retired in 2014 closing the original company.


"I am now just starting another course with Springfield Training. I have found the tutors to all be friendly and very helpful when I have needed it. I know I can email any time and get a reply usually the same day. The courses can be long and hard but they are well worth doing."

Michelle - Level 3 Business Administrator