Apprentice Achievements

be loud about the things that are important to us.

Episode 1 - Thomas Griffin

Jan 2022

Thomas Griffin is the owner of Splicing Block Podcasts. Tom provided us with the podcasting equipment to be able to start the Springfield Training Podcast. I spoke to Tom about how he got in to this line of work and asked him to drop some names of popular figures he has worked with in the past and currently.

Episode 2 - Rachel Stuart

Jan 2022

Rachel is the Business Admin Lead here at Springfield Training. We spoke with her to find out how she ended up doing her Team Leader Apprenticeship which she passed with a Distinction as well as what motivates her to get up and go to work.

Episode 3 - Stacey Calvert

Jan 2022

We spoke to Stacey about all jobs she has experienced so far in her life. We again speak to Stacey about marathon training as well as her Operations Manager Apprenticeship that she is currently doing.

Episode 4 - Simon Ashworth

Jan 2022

Simon Ashworth is the Chief Policy Officer at the Association of Employment and Learning Providers, widely known as AELP. We spoke about what AELP actually do and what Simon's job role is. We also spoke about the challenges that the year of lockdown may have incurred on apprenticeship delivery and what are the challenges that are expected within the coming months to a year as a result of the pandemic.

Episode 5 - Lindsay McCurdy

Jan 2022

We spoke to Lindsay about her journey so far in the apprenticeship sector, How her career started and did she do an apprenticeship herself? Could she have also started a career as a prison warden?!

Episode 6 - Mike Notarantonio

Jan 2022

We spoke to Mike about his current job role as a Youth Enterprise Officer and what he does in that role. He also tells us how long he has worked for Hull City Council and there's a little bit of football chat at the end. Here's hoping for an England win!!

Episode 7 - Paul Thornton

Jan 2022

We spoke to Paul about life when he lived down in Cornwall. How he spent 15 years down there doing radio. Paul also tells us about how he had trials at Bradford City but didn't end u going down the football route. Now Paul is working for Local TV and he loves meeting new people.

Episode 8 - Caroline Gascoigne

Jan 2022

We spoke to Caroline Gascoigne who is the National Qualifications manager at DFS about the career opportunities at DFS. What she loves about her job role. Caroline also tells us about apprentices currently at DFS as well as talking about what the apprenticeship programme is like at DFS.

Episode 9 - Paul Eeles

Jan 2022

We spoke to Paul firstly to find out a bit more about the Skills and Education Group and what his job role is in particular. We also spoke about how Paul got to be in the job that he is now and spoke about previous job roles. Paul also tells us that he would want to be a radio host if he could try out a different career.

Episode 10 - Paul Matson

Jan 2022

We Spoke to Paul Matson about Hull 4 Heroes and what they aim to do. We also spoke about Paul's brief work on the TV show DIY SOS. Paul sponsors the Hull FC Wheelchair Rugby League team so we ask him a little about that and then get in to some serious rugby chat. We also speak a little about Paul's military background.

Episode 11 - Terry Fennell

Jan 2022

We spoke to the CEO of FDQ Terry Fennell about what FDQ actually stands for and what they actually do. We also spoke about the influence of the Coronavirus Pandemic on apprenticeship delivery. Could Terry have become a famous cricketer back in the day?

Episode 12 - Sharon Walpole

Jan 2022

We spoke to Sharon who is the director at Careermap, about her entire career and how she got to where she is today. Moving to the UK in her early twenties from Cincinnati, Ohio, Sharon found herself working as a publisher. We speak about what Careermap is and what they actually do. We also ask Sharon what she enjoys about her job and what career would she choose if she could try another one.

Episode 13 - Andrea Jenkyns MP

Jan 2022

We spoke to Andrea Jenkyns who is the Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood. We spoke to Andrea about what made her want to become an MP, what she loves about her job and how she got to where she is today. We also spoke about what Andrea does in her spare time and how the Coronavirus Pandemic influenced the way that she had to work.

Episode 14 - Leanne Simms and Sarah Scoffins

Feb 2022

We spoke to Leanne and Sarah about their roles at Springfield Training. We also spoke about the routes that they have taken in their careers and whether they did an apprenticeship or went to university. What would they tell there 16 year old self knowing what they know now about education and also what career path would they go down if they could change careers?

Episode 15 - Stacey Calvert-Mason

Mar 2022

We spoke to Stacey about her life as a runner, how much she trains and how intense it actually is. We also spoke to her about qualifying for the World Championships and how did she actually get in to the position to be able to qualify.

Episode 16 - Alex Miles

Apr 2022

We spoke to Alex Miles who is the Managing Director at Yorkshire Learning Providers. We spoke to her about what the Yorkshire Learning Providers is and what her day to day consists of as well as speaking about the impact that the Coronavirus Pandemic has had on Apprenticeships.