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The Government introduced the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015, which requires all education & training providers to raise the profile about the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

Every day on the news and in the papers, we see and hear about acts of terrorism. The reality is that terrorists come in all colours, shapes and ages, and there is often not a single definition as to what a terrorist looks like. Terrorists do not represent the views of faiths and cultures, but instead they are a minority who interpret extreme views, often linked to threats and acts of violence. Their views may not be balanced and will not consider the impact of others.

People are not born as terrorists, they are radicalised, which means they are influenced and transformed into sharing extreme views and ideas, often by other individuals who may be vulnerable. The individual may be looking for a sense of belonging and purpose, which these groups may suggest they can provide.

Spotting the Signs

The following may suggest someone is being radicalised into supporting extreme and terrorist groups:-

  • A significant change in their behaviour

  • They may be isolating themselves from their friends

  • They may stop doing regular activities, which they previously enjoyed

  • They may be involved with a new group of people

  • They may express extreme and obsessive views and even hatred

  • They may talk about acts of violence

  • They may have links on their social media to extreme and violent groups

  • They may be trying to encourage others into supporting extreme views and groups

  • They may be dismissive of other people's views and opinions

  • In some cases they may even change their appearance and dress

Safeguarding Learners

Springfield Training has a duty to safeguard all of our learners. You may hear or see something that makes you feel uncomfortable or makes you think "it's probably nothing but..."

If you have a concern or you see something that just doesn't feel right then please say something. Please don't rely on others, 'if you suspect it, report it'. This is a key message from the Police, at a time when terrorism is a serious concern and threat to the United Kingdom.

If you have any concerns then either report them to your tutor or contact our dedicated Safeguarding Lead, Tracy Naylor.

If you do report something that concerns you, you can always ask us not to mention your name when we're looking in to it. You safety is important to us.

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