Apprentice Achievements

Helping you get ready for an apprenticeship or job

If you're aged 16-18 our Traineeships are a fantastic way to prepare for an apprenticeship or job

Starting a career can be difficult and sometimes a little helping hand to get going in the right direction can be all you need to get started.

What is a Traineeship?

A Traineeship is a programme designed to prepare you for your future career.

It gives you an opportunity to find out what it's like in the workplace whilst gaining the skills & experience employers are looking for.

A Traineeship will also help you learn the essential skills that Employers want and need from their workforce, helping improve your chances of getting an Apprenticeship or job.

Not only will a Traineeship help you build your CV, but it will give you:

  • Work experience with a guaranteed interview at the end of your placement.
  • Work preparation training, giving you the skills and confidence needed to take the first step in your career.
  • Maths and English support, so you can develop these skills further, if required.

If you want to work but feel a little unsure of your skills and would benefit from some first-hand experience, a Traineeship could be just right for you.

For more information, and to discover current Traineeship opportunities available with us, please call 0800 050 2324, email or get in touch via the contact us page.