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It is Springfield Trainings' Policy that every learner has the right to be happy, safe and secure. We are committed to our Safeguarding Policy and this is reflected in our work with learners and their employers.

It is our aim to ensure that all learners have confidence in our employees and believe that they will do everything they can to keep children and young people and vulnerable adults safe from harm.

We have a Policy of zero tolerance relating to any behaviour that may abuse or harm any learners or employees.

Safeguarding working group

Our Managing Director, Operations Manager & Safeguarding Lead meet every quarter to review our Safeguarding procedures and records. Outcomes from these meetings will be disseminated via the Senior Leadership Team through to the rest of the business.

The learner experience

At Springfield Training we ensure that the learning experience meets the needs of each learner. In the case of vulnerable learners this may include additional resources, extra visits, support from others and other appropriate delivery methods. All learners are informed about our safeguarding arrangements during induction and are given access to information on how to access specialist external support agencies. These messages are reinforced to learners throughout their time on programme and especially during progress reviews when their tutor systematically check on pastoral and welfare issues.

Reporting and investigations

Should any concerns regarding the safety of our learners arise, we will fully investigate. Springfield Trainings' Operations Manager will lead all investigations, supported by our Safeguarding Lead. Records are maintained by our Safeguarding Lead and are treated as strictly private and confidential.

Employers and learners are informed about how they can confidentially & safely report incidents and concerns related to safeguarding to us.

Employers and/or learners can report incidents or concerns directly to our Safeguarding Lead or to their tutor if they're more comfortable speaking to them.

At every visit tutor check with their learners to establish if any incidents related to safeguarding have occurred and this is recorded on the visit report.

Where concerns arise, or incidents have occurred a report must be made by the tutor directly to our Safeguarding Lead.

When the Safeguarding Lead receives reports of a concern or an incident an investigation will commence. The investigation will consider if the age and vulnerability of the learner contributed to the incident. Depending upon the outcome further risk assessments and supervision arrangements may be put in place. The investigation process will:

  • Gather information

  • Analyse information

  • Identify risk control measures

  • Implement an action plan

  • Monitor and evaluate actions

Where an incident has occurred, regular contact will be maintained between the Safeguarding Lead, the learner and their tutor. The Safeguarding Lead may make a report to relevant agencies if necessary.


Here at Springfield Training we are determined to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect those children, young people and adults who participate in learning programmes from harm. This includes colleagues who work for us. Every colleague has a responsibility for safeguarding our learners. We are all responsible for supporting Preventing and reporting suspicions of any learner at risk of being radicalised.

Springfield Training Learning Personnel & Principles

Learners often build strong relationships with our employees and may confide in them. Our employees are constantly vigilant to any indications of abuse or behaviours that may cause concern and follow a strict procedure in the event of being alerted to potential problems. This involves formally and confidentially recording any incidents & reporting them to our safeguarding lead, and fully cooperating with relevant specialist agencies, when necessary.

Employee update training takes place at regular intervals and includes changes to legislation and how to work with young and vulnerable adult learners.

It is Springfield Trainings Policy that all staff and managers who come into direct contact with learners have the appropriate Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check carried out.

Employees are supervised until a satisfactory DBS check has been received.

In addition, we ensure the following steps are followed with all employees & learners

  • Taking up references from former employers

  • Supervising new employees until a satisfactory DBS check is received or registration is complete

  • Undertaking risk assessments with all learners and their placements/place of employment, and making sure employers are aware of safeguarding & prevent issues and fully cooperate with our procedures

  • Ongoing training and support for all employees

  • Annually reviewing our Policies, procedures and practices to ensure compliance with safeguarding legislation and best practice

  • Ensuring our employees are adequately updated in understanding, recognising and reporting abuse

  • Monitoring our employees through our quality improvement and staff appraisal systems

  • Ensuring employees understand the importance of data protection and receive training

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