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I'm Tired of Being Tired

I'm Tired of Being Tired

I’ve been pretty quiet with my blogging (ness) over the past few weeks & I was struggling to understand where my inspiration for such mind blowing, thought provoking snippets had gone. What?

Well last week it hit me like a shovel square in the face. I’ve been shattered!

Throughout our various lockdowns & restrictions we’ve all pushed forward & when we used up that second wind, we found a third, then forth, ninetieth………………….

I don’t know about you but looking back I’ve maintained an optimistic outlook during the past 18 months, albeit with the odd wobble, & I’ve been lucky to have work to continue as we’ve flexed, adapted & changed through the pandemic.

I’ve also enjoyed some great family time with C as we spent more of our down time on doing stuff together as well as welcoming our second granddaughter. “How is that possible for such a young person?” I hear you say.

But it seems that exhaustion can creep up on you.

As someone that only needs around 5 or 6 hours sleep each night, last week I slept for 10 hours a night 3 days in a row & missed my morning swim!

Spending 5 days each week on my work & then spending at least some of the other 2 days at work making the necessary changes to workspaces, undertaking repairs & other general DIY seemed like a necessary & natural thing to do & for the most part it was fun, but clearly this has caught up with me.

Getting stuck into whatever we’ve needed to do during the pandemic is in our DNA & we often keep going without thought of consequence, but we’re underestimating the importance of our annual holiday, meals out & those weekend breaks in helping us unwind & switching off from the daily stuff.

I completely understand the need for the restrictions & lockdowns we’ve endured & I recognise & salute the unimaginable work of those on the front line of our response to the pandemic, but I now see the obvious need for our individual self-care that I have been blind to up until now.

None of us can keep going indefinitely without a break, & we don’t need 2 weeks on a beach to have some R ‘n’ R, we can enjoy down time wherever we find ourselves.

If we’re to emerge from this period in our history stronger we need to find balance, ensuring that we can rebuild our economic & social lives sustainably & taking care of ourselves plays an important part in that.

Having had a few days rest I am now back in the pool & I thoroughly enjoyed todays’ swim.

I am now really tired of being tired & I will make more time for rest, relaxation & stuff away from work.

I hope you have a great week.