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Lockdown Opportunities

Lockdown Opportunities

You can be forgiven for the incredulous look you’ve just given the above title but please bear with me before throwing something heavy in my direction.

2020 was by far the most challenging year I’ve experienced, and it was clear that we all waited it out in the hope of an improved 2021.

Although this year is offering a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a vaccine, we still need to endure more restrictions before the benefits of a vaccine can be experienced.

There’s no doubt that business has and continues to suffer from restrictions and lockdowns but if we’re to be in a position to re-build we need to use this time effectively, planning and preparing for better times.

This really is an ideal opportunity to develop the skills of your teams.

Apprenticeships are a great way to do this providing tangible improvements in the knowledge, skills and behaviours of all those undertaking them, and these are continuing to be delivered in person & remotely, including to people that have been furloughed.

Furlough is a difficult time for those affected & it’s easy to feel out of the company loop when at home, but to undertake or continue with an apprenticeship during this period provides routine & purpose for candidate as well as the confidence to know that their employer cares, even at such a difficult time.

Of course, I’m going to say that apprenticeships are good for businesses but as a former apprentice I still carry the loyalty I felt to the company that provided me with my career opportunities & my boss at the time who is still a friend today.

Work-based learning is an ideal way to gain occupational experience & the knowledge, skills & behaviours needed in the workplace & wider society.

Learning something new & improving existing skills is a great feeling which in turn creates a great working atmosphere increasing productivity & product quality.

Despite the difficulties we’re all facing taking some time to consider our future plans, getting back to basics & reviewing our teams’ skills & abilities as well as setting targets for those colleagues furloughed is a great opportunity to make sure we’re ready to hit the ground running.

I hope you have a great week.