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Podiatry - Good for the Soul

Podiatry - Good for the Soul

I have a confession to make.

I’ve been regularly visiting a podiatrist for a few years, not because of an underlying problem with my feet, but to avoid this happening as I, erm, mature!

I enjoy running & walking as well as a sneaky dad dance when no one’s looking & as we only get two feet it’s important to look after them.

But this preventative stuff has other benefits. Treating my feet makes me feel good & feeling good lifts my mood & ‘knocks on’ to all areas of my life.

Much has been espoused about the benefits of our physical & mental wellbeing during the past year, particularly when we’ve had limited opportunity to socialise & any opportunity to feel good should be grasped with both hands, or feet!

I don’t know about you but I’m increasing drawn into inflammatory, negative news articles & find myself shouting at the T.V. then wishing I hadn’t turned the telly on!

As our lives are further restricted to stem the spread of COVID 19 we need to prioritise our wellbeing creating routines to undertake exercise, turning the telly off, limiting our work to the contractual hours, if homeworking, eating healthily & limiting our alcohol intake.

The pandemic is not over & we don’t have control of the virus so our responsibility to others as well as ourselves remains critical to changing our current circumstances.

Remaining isolated & positive seems contradictory but essential if we’re to see an end to any restrictions, so I hope you have a Happy & Positive New Year & take every opportunity to pamper yourself, & if you see my dancing down the road at the end of the month, you know where I’ve been!!

Have a great week