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The Importance of Trust

The Importance of Trust

Throughout our lives trust is often something that’s implied, unspoken & relied upon without us ever having a conversation about its foundational importance in a relationship.

Yet it’s the single biggest cause of a relationship breakdown

I’ve been extremely lucky to have many enduring professional relationships built on mutual respect & trust & despite time lapses caused by other stuff, I know I can always pick up where I left off in these relationships.

But what happens when trust is abused, stretched, or ultimately broken?

Trust is built with an emotional bond that entwines professional respect in the workplace & a balance must be achieved if we’re to avoid peering over shoulders whilst maintaining the required level of work & nurturing a professional relationship that we hope will endure.

So what happens then when this unspoken agreement of trust & respect is breached?

Often trust once lost can be regained when there’s a recognition of the breakdown cause & a humble willingness to improve, but there are occasions when this doesn’t happen.

I believe I’m a good judge of people & I often recognise potential where the individual doesn’t. I believe that professional improvement is built on failure, learning & growth as well as ongoing success, but remove learning from this recipe & growth will not take place.

Avoiding trust is never an option & taking a leap into the unknown will inevitably result in some level of failure or disappointment, but success will always be elusive if we try to avoid failure.

Positive professional relationships help us improve & the negative stuff must be used to support learning & growth to avoid a reluctance to allow others into our inner circle, but taking individual responsibility for building, maintaining & if necessary, repairing trust will always yield more results than burying our heads in the sand & avoiding the often-difficult conversations when trust is breached.

Recognising the mistakes we make, accepting responsibility for our actions & asking for help when needed all contribute to ensuring trust & respect are maintained & I’m pretty sure we’ll all have better working relationships too!

Trust & respect can exist superficially between work colleagues when implied & unspoken but a deeper level of trust, respect & a reliance on others should always be talked about to avoid any doubt.

I hope you have a great weekend