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Signage Technician


This occupation is found in the manufacturing sector, in the signage industry. Signage technicians mainly work in small and medium enterprise (SME) businesses, although there are larger businesses including national franchises. Signage businesses supply signage products and services to a wide range of customers, within the private and public sector.

Signs may be made from wood, vinyls, plastics, metal, glass, textiles, card and composites. They may be illuminated or non illuminated. Types of signs can include:

vehicle signage including wraps

post mounted signage including road signage, directional, traffic signs, gantry signs

building signage for example, entry & exit signs, health and safety signs, fascia signs, window signs and manifestations

freestanding signs and displays including pavement signs and exhibition displays

The broad purpose of the occupation is to design, manufacture, fabricate and install signage. Technicians work with customers to agree the signage requirements and will produce costings and quotations. Design work is completed using computer aided design (CAD). They manufacture component parts and/or complete products. They may also identify components that cannot be manufactured at their premises that would be outsourced to a third party. They assemble the final product and perform finishing operations. On completion of the finished components/product, they ensure its safe storage and transport to the installation site. They may directly install or work with others to install signs. Throughout the process, they use a range of machines, tools and equipment. Signage technicians diagnose issues and resolve problems to ensure high quality products and services.

They work in a manufacturing workshop at their premises, customers premises or public spaces. Depending on the size of the company they will work within a team or alone.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation may interact with internal colleagues/teams undertaking design, manufacturing, installation, sales, project management and organisational management, depending on the structure and size of the company. External contacts include customers and personnel in the supply chain.

An employee in this occupation is responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of signage products to customer specification/requirements, signage regulations and company quality standards. They must work within the health, safety and environmental regulations, including use of appropriate protective clothing and equipment and working at height. They are responsible for the correct use and maintaining machinery, tools and equipment. They will need to ensure production is efficient and cost-effective. The role may involve the supervision of others.

Some signage technicians may require a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card.

Duration: 24 months

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