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10 Reasons to Do an Apprenticeship

10 Reasons to Do an Apprenticeship

If you’ve recently finished college and are unsure what you’d like to do next, whether it be progress onto University, or you’re generally unsure what to do for a career – an apprenticeship might be just the thing for you.

With the majority of college leavers choosing an apprenticeship either before attending University, instead of attending, or because they’d like to get into work straight away, it’s an ideal path to go down; earn while you learn and gain valuable skills and qualifications to help you in the future.

You are not expected to know what you want to do for a career at 16, 17, and 18, which is why an Apprenticeship is sought out.

If you think you are interested in an apprenticeship, let us discuss why you’re making the right choice:

Earn while you learn:

Apprentices earn a wage exactly like every other employee within the business. The minimum apprenticeship wage is £3.90 per hour, buy there is opportunity to start on a higher wage than that. £3.90 may seem low to start with but you have to remember that you’re not qualified and as you do grow with experience then your pay will begin to increase.

No Debt:

Going to university and eventually graduating could face student debt of up to £30,000 depending on what course they study.

If you do an apprenticeship you won’t be weighed down by debt, in fact as you already know you are getting paid by your employer to complete your qualification. There are a lot of degree level apprenticeships available so you can still do a degree if you don’t want to rule out going to university.


An Apprenticeship is designed to be a well-structured work program which equips you with the skills and knowledge that you will need to be successful at work.

The experience that you gain on the job will be first hand. 20% of your working week will be spent doing off the job training.

You have regular meetings with your tutor, usually on a monthly basis so that they can see how you are progressing and set you new work whilst going through it with you. Your qualification will provide you with the essential knowledge needed for your current role and for your career in the future.

Support and Guidance:

As a Springfield Training apprentice, we make sure that you receive all of the support and guidance that you need to be able to pass your apprenticeship and gain the correct skills and knowledge that you need to succeed in your role.

Your tutor will check in to see how you’re getting on as well as take care of any problems that you may have.

Strengthen your CV:

When it comes to building skills, an apprenticeship is the best choice.

Some young adults think that once they have done an apprenticeship in a specific job role then they have to do it for life, but this is not the case. When doing an apprenticeship, you will pick up skills that can be transferable to different job roles. This is a key reason why employers are keen on hiring apprentices.

Build your contacts:

Apprentices get you involved in day to day running’s within the business. You can build up your network as apprenticeships can range between one and four years to complete. Make a good name for yourself as this will benefit you greatly in the future.

Gain a recognised qualification:

Along with comprehensive training, you will also gain a work-based qualification with an accredited awarding body.

There is a wide range of apprenticeships available so there is definitely something to suit your career aspirations.

Progress within a business:

There are three levels of apprenticeships, Intermediate Apprenticeships (Level 2), Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 3) and Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 4 and above).

After reading this do you want to start your Apprenticeship journey?

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