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My Lows & Highs of Lockdown Britain (and the rest of the world)

My Lows & Highs of Lockdown Britain (and the rest of the world)

I don’t know about you but following the announcement on March 23rd, 2020 that the people of the UK were in lockdown left me feeling numb. Well, more like out of body numb!

Like everyone else I watched the news and followed the stories from China to Europe talking about the devastating impact of this new killer virus, but that was just the telly!

Stuff like this doesn’t happen in 21st century Britain. Does it?

Loosing control of our freedoms, the things we take for granted initially left me reeling.

How can I now…….? What if I want to……….? What about…….?

OMG, they’ve closed McDonalds!!

The range of emotions I felt while taking a walk from the living room to the kitchen, and back were initially crippling.

Don’t they know how busy I am? I can’t just STOP!

Well it appears we can just stop, and the planet does continue to rotate. In fact, the planet seems to thrive without our polluting antics and bad habits.

When the world did stop, I felt a heart wrenching responsibility to my colleagues and our customers and although I kept hearing that everything, everywhere had stopped, I couldn’t initially process that.

Yeah, everything has stopped but what about our stuff, they can’t mean us too?

My acceptance of this global pandemic was gradual and my shift in mindset was enlightening.

I would describe myself as a hard worker, at work, but a lazy bugger at home, and my list of jobs at home has been growing over multiple years. I’d even outsourced the cutting of our grass!

Slowly and often sulkily I started to do things around the house. I’ll just cut the lawn and while I’m here I might as well just trim these shrubs.

Bit by bit I accepted the situation we were (are) in and bit by bit my busy mind fog started to clear.

Recognising how lucky we are to have a garden, and being able to sit out with my partner C chatting over a cuppa, or reading a book are just some of the things I’d stopped appreciating in my previous, ‘work busy’ world, and as my mind fog lifted I found myself thinking of innovative solutions for continuing our work and providing a better service through the use of technology.

Our work didn’t stop, and although all my colleagues were working from home we still met remotely and their commitment to maintaining new innovative teaching delivery has been both humbling and inspiring, and as we come back together to work from our offices, we will continue to use the new skills developed.

As for my home life, well I can now work through my jobs list without sulking, in fact I’m enjoying doing them – don’t tell C – and as we move into our new normal, having pressed the reset button, I want to continue enjoying the stuff that I previously took for granted.

This pandemic is far from over and as we learn to live with COVID 19 we’ll need to adapt and change, whilst being mindful of ourselves and each other.

I’m still ambitious for our work, maybe more so, and I’m determined in our small way, to contribute to the rebuilding of our economy but I can now say, from experience, that we can strike a balance between the bustle of our post COVID lives and where we are now.

As our commercial society gradually re-opens, I will continue to appreciate my fog free mind (ness) whilst enjoying, in moderation, the trappings of the life I previously took for granted.

I hope you have a great week