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Dom’s tips for staying motivated when working from home

Dom’s tips for staying motivated when working from home

A lot of people won’t have had the experience of working from home for a sustained period of time but the spread of coronavirus has seen a large number of us now working from home.

To help you adapt to this new way of working I have put together these top tips to stay motivated when working from home.

1.Create a working environment when working from home

It’s unlikely that you will be productive if you are sat on your bed or in front of the TV. If you have a spare room, a study or a separate dining rrom, this is perfect to use because when you have your own workspace you can easily get yourself motivated and in the right headspace to do work.

2.Dress for work

It can be so tempting to just sit in your pyjamas all day every day. You should really be getting up and putting some work clothes on, although I’d stop short of wearing a uniform if you have one, that would be weird!. Being work ready instantly makes you feel more awake and ready to start to working day ahead. If you don’t get dressed you get that sense of being at home when really you need to get in to the work mentality.

3. Organise your day

If you plan exactly what you are going to do throughout the day and set clear onjectives then this motivates you to achieve those objectives. Use a paper list or your email calender to plan exactly what you are going to do. I do both so that I can check either for different jobs and make sure they are all done by the end of the day.

4. Manage your workload

Make sure you’re managing your workload when you’re making this plan because a lot of large tasks to do in one day is not going to motivate you. You need to balance out everything that you have to do to make sure you manage your time better. Planning your workload like this should stop you feeling overwhelmed and less motivated.

5. Check in with your colleagues

It can be very easy to feel like you’re alone when working from home (mostly because you are!) Don’t forget about all your other colleagues who are doing the same. It’s important to remind yourself that you are working and should schedule phone or video meetings with your boss! I have a daily meeting with Noel to catch up and come up with new ideas. This helps you stay connected with everyone and stay motivated for the working week/ day ahead.

6. Give yourself a break

Breaks are important to boost productivity and motivation. If you don’t give yourself time to sit back and take a few minutes, then you may not have the motivation to carry on with work by the time the afternoon comes. Take a break and take time away form your computer so that you can come back refreshed and ready to work.

7. Reward Yourself

It may motivate you knowing that you must complete a task and get it to your manager by a certain deadline, but you could also try rewarding yourself to give you the motivation to complete tasks. This little reward can give you the push you need to get on to your next job.

Failing to keep up motivation levels at work can be stressful. It is crucial to try and keep yourself motivated when you are working from home as there is still a business to run and you are a crucial part of that business!

If you have any of your own motivation tips then don’t hesitate to comment below! I would love to hear from you