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Are you Inspection Ready?

We are aware of the requirements placed on you through the funding agencies, regulatory bodies & awarding organisations, as well as the demands you place on yourselves to deliver the best education and training possible.

In order to support you on your journey to outstanding, or maintaining your current outstanding status, we have devoted the past 25 years to education and training, gaining a wealth of experience from both sides of the Inspection process.

Taking part in a mock inspection is the perfect way to understand how your processes and teams will react and 'hold up' during an Inspection, giving you the time to make any necessary adjustments within your organisation based on an honest, critical evaluation of your processes and practices.

We conduct the mock inspection over 3 days and all we ask is that you and your teams adhere to inspection conditions.

Supporting your journey to Outstanding

We also offer:

Support with undertaking Self Asessment, undertaken in conjuction with the Common Inspection Framework: Education, Skills & Early Years (August 2015) including writing the report & quality improvement plans & progress monitoring.

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