Apprentice Achievements

Jodie Shackleton

Lead Adult Care Worker L3 at Sandy Lane

I chose to complete this Apprenticeship as I wanted to boost my knowledge and become a better Care Assistant, I also believe that this could stand me In good stead to become a team leader/senior and possibly progress beyond this in the future.

The best part of undertaking this Apprenticeship has been the ability to learn new things and also understand things more in-depth than I already knew.

As a result of completing this Apprenticeship, I have enjoyed coming up with different solutions to working out my problems as well as asking for help. I have also been able to share my knowledge with other members of the staff.

I would highly recommend an Apprenticeship mainly to those who would like to progress further in their job, not just in care but in other fields, I am also blessed with having the support of an understanding teacher - Sarah Taylor who has been helpful and full of knowledge herself and been able to support me when needed throughout.

Jodie Shackleton

"The role can also be challenging at times, which has helped push me out of my comfort zone, in turn making me more confident, giving me greater networking and interpersonal skills."

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