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Luxinar has been at the forefront of laser technology for over 20 years and is a leading manufacturer of industrial lasers with an installed product base of over 20,000 lasers worldwide. We operate globally from our purpose built, state-of-the-art facility in Hessle, East Yorkshire, taking a pride in what we do, and adopting a collaborative approach with various partners we work with. One such partner is Springfield Training, with whom we began working together in April 2021.

At the time, we approached Springfield Training to help us develop our growing numbers of apprentices, some of which were mid-apprenticeship, their course being affected by the pandemic and some of which were due to join us in the summer of 2021. Noel Johnson and his team were very flexible in their approach and we quickly established a programme which helped us deliver apprentice training to 8, Level 3 apprentices at the time.

Since then Springfield Training has been on-site every week to deliver training, monitor progress and assess the apprentices in the meantime.

Our 2022 intake of apprentices raised new challenges as we were keen to radically increase numbers. We wanted to recruit 12 new apprentices, a 5% increase in our employee base. The increase was due to our Company growth strategy which we felt was best delivered by growing internally but the increase was also due to the positive impact our original apprentices were having on the business. The fact that they had all benefited from a 3-6 month rotation in all design and production areas of the business, meant that they were multiskilled and could address short-notice resource shortfall i.e. covering COVID-19 absences. They were becoming a much sought-after resource.

To help us recruit the 12, we worked in partnership with Ron Dearing UTC, who advertised and sourced the candidates. Rather than select just one CV and cover letter, we made an onerous commitment to interview every applicant and more importantly, we provided direct feedback to the unsuccessful applicants. It was clear that many of the applicants had not been interviewed formally before, hence our feedback was very much part of their learning process. In total we interviewed 45 applicants in 4 days, eventually selecting 20 candidates who would then progress to the on-site assessment centres.

At this stage we again worked closely with Springfield Training, asking them for help with the Centre design and implementation. Phil Hurford was heavily involved and used his skills and experience to design and run the Group work exercise. This allowed us to observe the individual's behaviour in a group environment, crucial evidence on which to predict their likely impact on the various teams here at Luxinar. Being an assessment centre, there were a number of other activities including a competency-based interview, which again Phil helped support.

The ultimate decision to select the final 12 candidates was based on the outcome of the Assessment Centre(s) and was one agreed upon as a group by the assessors, including Phil Hurford.

The 2022 cohort of apprentices finally joined us on 4th July and they not only represent a growth in numbers but also represent a more diverse apprenticeship group as they now include an IT Apprentice, 2 Quality apprentices, a Workshop apprentice as well as the Production-based apprentices. They will shortly begin their apprenticeship studies, delivered by Springfield training.

We plan a similar exercise in 2023 when it will all start again, with apprentices now being recognised as perhaps the most important part of our talent pipeline 


"The role can also be challenging at times, which has helped push me out of my comfort zone, in turn making me more confident, giving me greater networking and interpersonal skills."

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